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paper lanterns above a wedding

Paper Lanterns

We love the glow from paper lanterns at a wedding reception. They can give a warm light that transforms an ordinary venue into an ethereal wonderland. Lanterns add tons of charm and elegance to a space. White tents, one of the most common wedding reception venues, can be overwhelmingly blank. One of the best ways to fill them with your own color palette is to decorate with colorful paper lanterns. Even during the day lanterns have a huge impact on an otherwise spartan tent ceiling, making the entire tent feel much more intimate.

Other Lighting Styles

String Lighting

Also known as cafe lights or bistro lights.


Uplighting is the placement of individual light sources at the base of architectural details, landscaping, and points of interest.

Pin Spotlights

The extra spotlights allow the overhead light in the room to be lowered, creating the perfect ambiance.