Wedding Lighting

Sierra Lighting will provide the perfect ambiance and eliminate stressful hassles. Unlike the big rental companies, lights are all we do! We create beautiful custom displays that are far beyond the standard light sets others offer. We also have significantly lower minimums. Sierra Lighting will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Dance Floor Lighting

Want to add to the energy of your reception and insure your big night’s success? Then add a dance floor light show with splash lights on the floor and spot lights on the band. Our lighting effects embellish the party atmosphere with just the right intensity. Sierra Christmas Lights incorporates the latest LED technology into our light shows. We will work with your band or DJ to ensure we create just the ambiance you desire and enhance what they bring to the night.

Path Lighting

Light the way

thunderbird lodge with market lights infant and lanterns on the stairs

Black Lanterns

Traditional Lanterns

These black lanterns can be used a variety of ways, whether they are placed on the ground, tables or hung up they are sure to add traditional style to your event.

Lights For Other Services