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Other Lights in Accent Lighting

uplighting at a wedding


Uplighting is the placement of individual light sources at the base of architectural details, landscaping, and points of interest.

pin lighting at a wedding

Pin Spotlights

The extra spotlights allow the overhead light in the room to be lowered, creating the perfect ambiance.


Monogram Lighting

We’ll work together to create a custom design and have it printed onto a piece of glass or copper.

go between wedding lighting on a path

Texture Lighting

Sierra Christmas Lights can project patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, and dance floors to create depth.

flameless candles.jpg

Flameless Candles

Wax candles containing LED light to imitate the effects of real candles.

Fairy lights.jpg

Fairy Lights

Micro-ferry lights on bare wire, powered by three triple-A batteries

Marquee Love letters.jpg

Marquee Love Letters

Marquee letters light up for any special event!

Waterfall Lights

Waterfall Lights

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